Yadox Discusses Fashion Mistakes

Looking perfect at all times is not an easy task. And while celebrities have entire teams of stylists who help them look perfect and not let make any fashion-related mistakes, ordinary people tend to rely on fashion tips from fashion publications and blogs.

Yadox is going to discuss 5 most common fashion mistakes to avoid.

1.     Wrong choice of underwear. Every look starts with underwear. Choosing the wrong kind of underwear, it may spoil even the most perfect-looking body. A bra that doesn’t hold the breasts (for women with large breasts) and without a push up (for women with small breasts), will make a woman’s body look less sexy. For example, the lines of the underwear that put too much pressure on the skin will be seen under a tight skirt or pants.

2.     Clothing not according to the season. Knowing about seasonal colors and patterns is very valuable in fashion. Leave floral prints and flowing fabrics for a hot season. Do not wear a light lace skirt with winter boots, even if the aim is to create a winter boho look.

3.     Not knowing how to choose accessories. Any look can become perfect thanks to accessories. Even a monotonous black look can become bright with the help of accessories of contrast colors. Many people neglect this rule. Meanwhile, some women manage to wear too many accessories at once. Keep it balanced.

4.     Wrong size. The trend on oversize clothing has led to a huge number of mistakes when choosing clothing. It often happens that women consider it ‘okay’ to wear a one-size-fits-all baggy sweater or a large floor-length coat.

5.     Clothing in which you feel confident. Looking good means feeling confident. Even the trendiest shoes will not hide an insecure manner of walking. So women should choose clothing that suits their style and brings them comfort and confidence.

Be Unique, Be Fashionable, Be Yadox.


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